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$15.00 $20.00 saving $5.00
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DragonBreath Thermite emergency fire starter is intended to help you start any fire no matter how unforgiving the weather is. It burns upwards of 3000°C and has no problem igniting wet wood. 

  • Pour thermite powder or flake over your tinder or wet wood.
  • Every order will come with a sufficient amount of Magnesium Sparklers.
  • Light tip of Magnesium Sparkler using lighter/matches.
  • Place base of sparkler over top Thermite while maintaining a safe distance.

Thermite Powder is our most versatile variant, it is the easiest to ignite and best used when placed over top a solid piece of wet or dry wood.

Thermite Flake is better if you plan on pouring over top tinder as the particle size is larger and won't fall through easily.

Thermite Paste can be used as a paint and applied to many different surfaces, the ether medium it is suspended in allows the paste to dry in minutes, once the paste has dried it can be ignited just like our powder and flaked thermite.

DragonBreath is perfectly suitable for all of your outdoor needs. Camping, hiking, catch & cooks, a night around a bon-fire, even stubborn coal barbecues - DragonBreath has you covered no matter the weather conditions, confidently get a fire started in seconds!

DragonBreath will NOT ignite using a standard lighter or matches, you must use a ferro rod/flint striker. Magnesium sparklers can also be used as a quick-start aid.

Safety First

As with all fire products, there is always some risk involved if you don’t use them properly. You should only use DragonSkin products if you’re over the age of 18 and have a complete understanding of how to safely use it and properly store it.

*You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product. By purchasing this product you agree that you are of legal age to purchase. Always practice safety and ensure you are well aware of the risks associated with using fire starters. Therm8 Inc. and its partner DragonSkinLabs will not be held liable for any misuse of our products once your order leaves our facility and arrives in your hands, fire-safety awareness and safe handling of fire starters is the best way to ensure our products are enjoyed safely for their intended purpose, by purchasing, you agree that you are aware of the proper safe handling procedures and proper use of this product*