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What is DragonBreath?
DragonBreath is essentially thermite, except we have turned it into a practical product aimed at assisting you in starting a fire in the worst possible conditions you may encounter. Thermite burns so incredibly hot that it immediately evaporates water trapped in wet wood and in turn is able to ignite the wet wood or tinder, easily. No other fire starter on the market is capable of burning as hot as DragonBreath, we have turned it into a practical and useable product available in 3 different variations all aimed at accomplishing the same goal, to help you start a fire in an emergency situation in seconds.
Is it Legal?
Yes! DragonBreath is completely legal to use in Canada and the United States if you use this product for its intended purpose, an emergency all weather fire-starter. Serious fire safety precautions must be taken into account when using fire-starters & extreme care must be exercised when using thermite. If you purchase this product you are confirming that you are of legal age in your country/province/city/state and have a basic understanding of safe fire safety protocols and practices. 
Where are you located?
DragonSkinLabs is proudly Canadian, Veteran owned and operated.