Fire-Starters For The Prepared.



Bow-drills, hand drills, fire-plows, fire saws, flint and steel, fire pistons, ferro rods, strike rods, magnifying lenses...the oldest forms of man-made survival fire starters have always found their places in our EDC pouches, SHTF packs, bug-out bags, on our camping trips, our bonfires, and any other time we want to get a fire going. These tools are great, and they serve their purpose well, but how effective are they against soaked, wet wood?

That’s where we come in.

We are offering you the most reliable fire-starter on the market today. DragonBreath is our exothermic fire-starter, it burns upwards of 3000°C and is capable of instantly evaporating water in wet wood in a matter of seconds, leaving you with a sustainable fire.


A Reliable Fire Starter Is A Good Fire Starter. DragonBreath Has An Amazing Shelf-Life. You Can Safely Store It For Years And It Will Remain Reliable & Ready For Use When Needed.

DragonBreath Burns At An Incredible 3000 Degrees Celsius. Quickly Evaporating Water From Wet Wood & Tinder While Ensuring A Successful Fire. Once Thermite is lit, it cannot be put out, in fact it will even burn under water.

DragonBreath is perfectly suitable for all of your outdoor Leisure needs, It's Not Just For Emergencies! Bonfires, Catch & Cooks, Coal Barbecues, No Matter The Reason, Just Get That Fire Going!

We Ship Free Express-Post Canada Wide & Ship Free To The USA On Any Minimum Order Of $25.


All Weather Thermite Emergency Fire-Starter Available In A Flake, Powder, Or Paste.


DragonBreath burns so hot that it actually leaves behind molten iron blobs caused by the redox reaction. Now imagine what it does to wood!

DragonBreath Thermite Fire Starter

From Our Customers.

Simply an awesome product :D

Pleasantly surprised. It's perfect for emergencies or for a quick fire.

I got a free sample of the flaked when I ordered the powdered and so far I'm happy, I love this stuff. I'll be back for more.

Fast shipping... super cool and unique.

A+. This is a must have for Prepper, they're also Canadian so woohoo!

Good for emergencies or for fun, wet wood lit with no problem as advertised.

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